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Hi, I’m Tom – welcome aboard

My name is Tom Hayes, and I’m a cruise addict. There, I said it.

My first cruise was onboard on Royal Caribbean’s Splendour of The Seas (now the Marella Discovery) back in 2007. I’d no idea what cruising was like, I went in with an open mind and by the end of the week I was hooked.

I love every aspect of cruising from the sheer scale to the minute details of the ships, the incredible service, the far away ports, or just being able to relax to the sound of the ocean – I can’t get enough.

In the past eleven years I’ve taken fourteen cruises on four different cruise lines, and in 2019 I’m set to add another two cruises and one cruise line to that tally.

My passion for cruising, which is very different from my day job in HIV & Sexual Health, has led to me having something of a reputation online and amongst friends & family for being the cruise expert. In fact I’ve booked over two dozen of my friends and family on cruises in the last two years alone – and I’m yet to have disappointed any of them.

So why did I start the blog? I wanted to share my passion and fascination with the world. I wanted to have a place to air my thoughts on the changes in the cruise sector, to share my photo and reviews, and to give advice and practical tips to people who’re new to cruising.

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